Charged With Sex Crimes or Domestic Violence in Oklahoma? We're Ready to Get Started on Your Defense

 It’s more common than you may think. 

Someone, possibly a family member, has accused you of a crime. Maybe the police have come around mentioning serious allegations. Perhaps you don’t remember much about a night out, but you have a bad feeling you did something that could result in legal charges. Perhaps you sent a text or email you probably shouldn’t have, or your involvement in a social network has been questioned.

Maybe you even did something you know was wrong, but you don’t want to go to prison.

It doesn’t matter which one of these situations most closely matches your circumstances. Any of them will turn your life upside down. Everything you know—your daily life, your plans, your future, your family, your job, your children, your reputation, your savings, and your freedom—is in serious jeopardy. The fear can paralyze you, and it can sap every bit of enjoyment out of your life. The confusion and uncertainty can be overwhelming.

You just want this to all go away, to wake up from this horrifying, vivid nightmare. You don’t want to go to prison. That terrible accusation is not who you are. One lapse in judgment should not ruin your life. You want and deserve a second chance.

You definitely need help, and you need it now.

While the situation may seem overwhelming, it is possible to get past this difficult time. However, to do so, you must start on your defense immediately. The cost of inaction is much too high a price to pay when you're facing serious criminal charges.

The obstacles to picking up the phone and calling an attorney are significant. They can include money concerns, embarrassment, misunderstanding of the law, fear, anger, a belief that you can take care of this yourself, or simply just not wanting to face the reality of the situation. But the stakes are incredibly high.

Reach out before it's too late. Find the right help today to ensure your success tomorrow by speaking with our experienced criminal defense lawyer Lee Berlin.

Answers, Solutions, and Peace of Mind for Tulsa Clients Facing Sex Crimes Charges

Defense attorney Lee Berlin is here to help you find a way to move forward successfully with your life. At the Berlin Law Firm, Lee dedicates his practice solely to the defense of those charged with sex crimes and domestic violence charges in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His specific focus and training combined with years of experience have helped countless individuals who have been where you are. Fill out our contact form or call our Tulsa office today to learn more about Lee and to schedule a confidential consultation today. 

Lee Berlin
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