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Lee Berlin and wife Estelle

Junior Berlin on his way to workCriminal Defense Attorney Lee Berlin

I have been married to an absolutely wonderful woman, Estelle, for the past 16 years, and we raise a great rescue wiener dog named Junior, and if you are lucky, you might get to meet him when you come in to see me. I bring my little buddy to work every day that I am not in court.

Estelle at the BNP Paribas finals, 2015 Indian Wells, CASpeaking of court, let’s talk about the tennis courts. Estelle and I are huge tennis fans. We go out to watch the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells every March. We have also been to the US Open in New York, the French Open in Paris, and dream about attending Wimbledon, and the Australian Open. We play together every week, my wife is a very active 4.0 tennis player in USTA, World Team, and TCT. I will occasionally get roped into some competitive tennis from Lee and Frederic Remington's famous bronze, Coming Through the Rye, Gilcrease Museumtime to time as well. I usually just play mixed doubles with Estelle these days. Playing tennis with my wife used to be the only way I would get to see her during tennis season. When we aren’t watching or playing tennis, I am a fan of Formula 1 and IndyCar racing, as well as most shooting sports. I am a lifetime member of the NRA. I am a huge fan of western art, especially that of C.M. Russell and Frederic Remington. We are members of Gilcrease and the Philbrook and take every opportunity to visit different museums when we travel. We are parishioners of St. Benedict’s Parish in Broken Arrow, and support Catholic Charities of Tulsa and Food for the Poor.

Estelle on the glacier in Alaska, 2016

Alaska Cruise 2016, cruising the Inside PassageWhen we travel we love to search for amazing food and incredible views. We have just started cruising again (only on our third as of September 2016), and we are convinced it is one of the greatest ways to vacation anymore. Ask me about my last cruise if you want to see a smile on my face. If I tell you about Alaska, hit me in the head with a hammer because it means I haven’t been on a cruise vacation in a long time!

My immediate family all live in Montana. I grew up on a cattle ranch just outside of Polson, Montana, which is a small town on the west side of the divide. However, my two younger brothers now run the “new” family farm just north of Great Falls, which is on the east side of the divide. I still think the northwest portion of the state on the western side of the continental divide is prettier and offers a better quality of life. Polson, MT - Looking east towards the mission mountainsMaster farmer Clint BerlinClint, my youngest brother, runs the 4,800 acres like a well-oiled machine. He might be the best farmer in the United States, and if not the best, certainly the most passionate and patriotic. I love to see the photos of him during the harvest. He has each one of the combines and tractors deployed in the fields flying the American flag. Whenever you ask him what he does, he replies, “Merica, I feed it.” My middle brother Kirby works the farm part-time with my dad, and the rest of the time he drives a big rig splitting his time between Conrad, Montana, and Catoosa, Oklahoma. I can just hear Kirby telling Clint, “Hurry up, I need to get this grain to the elevators.”

Kirby at harvestClint and two of his farm hands at harvestMy mom holds down Fort Berlin in Great Falls. A big farm has tons of paperwork and accounting. My mom keeps the books, pays the bills, pays the salaries, keeps my dad fed and in clean clothes, and keeps the cleanest house in Montana. Really, it is that clean. It’s a bona fide fact. Look it up. It is in a book titled, "My mom is awesome."

I enlisted in the Army National Guard immediately out of high school, I then joined ROTC while in college, and went on active duty as a field artillery officer upon graduation. Following my service commitment, I came back to Oklahoma for law school. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2000. I was ranked 6th in my class and graduated with highest honors. One of Kirby's big rigsMom, Dad and Steve, their golden retrieverFollowing law school, I worked at NASA in Houston, then the Department of Veterans Affairs in Muskogee, followed by the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Oklahoma, and finally the Tulsa DA’s Office as a felony prosecutor, major crimes prosecutor, and ultimately Chief of the Gang Prosecution Unit.

Following my years of government service, I started the Berlin Law Firm, focusing on criminal defense with an emphasis on sex crimes and other serious criminal offenses. Over the years of private practice, I deliberately shaped my practice into what it has become today, which is a boutique practice in Oklahoma dedicated to servicing those clients charged with serious crimes.

Estelle with WTA tennis star Shelby Rogers at the LV store in ParisJuniorJunior

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I consulted several attorneys and had one that didn't do a good job representing me. My family and I were feeling pretty hopeless until by God's grace and direction I found Mr. Berlin. Choosing the wrong attorney can ruin your life forever. When I met with Lee for the first time it was apparent that he is a very intelligent, passionate, professional and dedicated man. His knowledge and confidence in his area of expertise is not only evident but also comforting. I had no idea of what was happening with my case when we met but he settled some of my fears. Since hiring him and letting him take over my case he has shown me that hiring him was exactly what I needed to do, and that I now feel secure. He takes all the time needed to answer your questions and is also extremely patient. He has given me much-needed hope in my case. I would highly recommend Lee Berlin.
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