Law Pay Financing | Oklahoma Criminal Defense LawyerBeing accused of a serious crime while knowing you can't afford legal assistance is a harrowing experience. Your eyes dart anxiously, scanning faces in the courtroom, searching for a glimmer of understanding or support that seems scarce. The pounding of the judge's gavel reverberates through your body. A sense of restlessness invades your body as if a thousand insects are crawling beneath your skin. Anxiety constricts your chest, leaving the sweet aroma of freedom distant and unattainable.

Make no mistake—charges for domestic assault and battery, sex crimes, or serious violent crimes can put everything you've worked for at risk. The threat of time behind bars is just the beginning. You might lose out on an amazing new job opportunity after a pre-employment background check tips off a prospective employer to your criminal record. The court might keep you from seeing your children because you've been deemed a threat to their well-being. You might even have to give up weekend hunting trips with your friends because you've been forced to forfeit your right to own or use a gun.

At Berlin Defense, we firmly believe that financial concerns shouldn't keep you from seeking the top-notch legal representation you deserve. You may not have planned for this expense, but that doesn't mean you're stuck with an overworked public defender or an inexperienced attorney fresh out of law school. You can put your case in the hands of Lee Berlin, an attorney with over two decades of experience defining people just like you. Before entering private practice, Lee worked in the Tulsa DA's Office as a felony prosecutor, major crimes prosecutor, and Chief of the Gang Prosecution Unit. Let him put this insider knowledge to work for you.

About Affirm Financing Via ClientCredit

No one ever plans on needing the help of a criminal defense lawyer, let alone having the cash available to pay for their defense. That is why our Tulsa criminal defense law firm offers ClientCredit, which has partnered with Affirm to allow you to pay your bill over time. 

What Is ClientCredit?

ClientCredit allows law firms to access a "buy now, pay later" payment solution. This allows consumers to pay legal fees in manageable, scheduled installments online.

What Is a "Buy Now, Pay Later" Payment Solution?

"Buy Now, Pay Later," or BNPL for short, is a term used to describe an installment loan that essentially allows a consumer to receive a product or service right away while dividing the payments of said product or service into several installments over time. In addition to being used for legal services, BNPL loans are often available for medical expenses.

BNPL solutions are growing in popularity because the fixed installment amounts and predetermined repayment periods allow you to factor in payments when creating your budget. This can help you better manage your finances by avoiding sudden large expenses and spreading payments over time.

What Is Affirm?

Affirm is a "buy now, pay later" payment option with no hidden or late fees and no surprises. Affirm flexible payment options allow customers to pay over time, giving them control, convenience, and increased purchasing power. 

Please note that Affirm financing is only available to individual customers and not entity customers using Affirm financing for business or commercial purposes. However, the loan applicant does not need to be the person who is facing criminal charges. Spouses, parents, extended family members, or friends can apply for financing to pay for the legal services needed by their loved one.

Can I Pay Off My Affirm Financing Early?

Yes! There's no penalty for paying early. This makes Affirm financing an excellent choice if you simply need a bit of financial breathing room. Get the legal assistance you need now, then pay for services as your budget allows. The earlier you retain experienced representation, the better chance you have to successfully fight the charges against you.

What Are the Interest Rates and Terms?

The interest rate will be a 10 to 30% APR, depending on your eligibility. Your interest rate will be provided after you submit your financing request.

When Is My First Payment Due?

Your first payment is due approximately one month after the financing request is approved. (However, you may be asked to make a down payment depending on various factors such as eligibility or the size of the full loan amount.)

Should I Communicate With My Lawyer if I Have Questions About My Loan Request?

Please keep in mind our law firm is not able to help everyone who has been charged with a crime. We will discuss those options during our initial consultation if we believe we can help with your case and you need financing.

Lee Berlin
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