Paola Venegas

Paola Venegas

Marketing Assistant
  • Berlin Law Firm, PLLC
  • 1 W. Third Street Suite 1710 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103
  • 918-384-0850

about me

familyMdady world revolves around the most cherished treasure in my life—my extraordinary family. This diverse group encompasses not just my biological parents, but also my incredible stepfather (who I consider my father), my devoted boyfriend, my soul siblings, and my two canine companions who bring boundless joy. The tapestry of my family's composition is a result of life's twists. My parents divorced when I was three years old, expanding the constellation of my family ties. My mother's marriage to my stepfather introduced another father into my life.

From my earliest memories, I've been fascinated by stories. My formative years were a tapestry woven with the threads of reading and enacting imaginary cinematic tales with my Barbie companions. This affection for narratives likely influenced my academic trajectory toward my degree in Media and Communications. My college years had a unique flavor of chaos. I ventured on a journey to fly the nest at 20, a decision considered unconventional in the Mexican context. I graduated in December 2022. Then I leaped into a master's program in Business Administration, signaling a new chapter in my academic goals.

jaimeBut let's shift gears from the realm of academia. My boyfriend Jaime and I met a couple of years ago, we studied at the same university, but completely different majors (he’s an engineer). We moved together when I graduated to an amazing apartment until we adopted a great dane and figured he wouldn’t be able to fit in there once he grew up. So now the four of us, Jaime, Lola, and Boslo moved to a house with a huge garden just for the two of them to run. But the fact that they have a garden doesn’t keep us from taking them out running with us every morning.

At the heart of what I value is the idea that everyone should have a safe place to share their stories. With my background in communications, I teamed up with my best friend to start a podcast. We talk about a variety of topics, like getting over tough times, understanding blockchain, sharing spooky ghost stories, and even laughing about the silly things we did as teenagers. Our podcast shows how powerful it is to share experiences and highlights the depth of being human.

 Working for Mr. Berlin at Berlin Defense has been an incredible journey that has enriched my life. The experience has been a dynamic fusion of learning and creativity. The opportunities I've faced within this role have ignited my creativity, urging me to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions.

FamilyMoreover, the flexibility of remote work has provided a unique advantage that I deeply appreciate. Being able to strike a balance between professional responsibilities and personal well-being has truly made a positive impact on my overall happiness and productivity. I am immensely grateful for the growth, learning, and newfound balance that Berlin Defense has brought into my life.