2. Helping You Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Attempting to handle your case alone can lead to mistakes that could prove costly. You may think that you have nothing to hide if you’re innocent, but statements taken out of context might inadvertently harm your defense.

Download our free offer, Top Ten Ways You Are Killing Your Defense, to learn more about some of the mistakes a lawyer can help you avoid. This is a must-have resource for anyone facing sex crime charges, but especially those who are innocent.

3. Protecting You From Unfair Bias

You know you’re innocent, but sex crimes are heavily stigmatized in our society. Even unfounded allegations can tarnish your reputation irreparably—especially if your case attracts media attention. Experienced legal representation can help shield you from the potential fallout of these accusations—safeguarding your career, relationships, and future prospects.

At Berlin Defense, we understand what’s at stake when you’re accused of a sex crime and will fight to reduce the impact of these charges on everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. If your case goes to trial, we’ll ensure that judge and jury bias doesn’t keep you from being treated fairly.

Seeking Legal Representation Doesn't Imply Guilt

It’s understandable if seeking legal representation first seems like an admission of guilt or an unnecessary expense. However, in the context of protecting your innocence and safeguarding your future, it's an essential step toward reclaiming your life.

Reaching out to Berlin Defense is a proactive measure to ensure your rights are upheld and your innocence is defended. Your family, career, and peace of mind deserve the strongest defense possible. Here are just two examples of how we’ve helped people like you move forward after facing Oklahoma sex crimes charges:

  • J.B. was charged with first-degree rape and accused of having forced himself on his wife’s best friend while his wife was out of town. He was happily married with children, a good job, and a home in Tulsa. His wife believed him when he professed his innocence—and we were able to reach a deal that kept him from spending a single day in prison.
  • F.H. was arrested for indecent exposure and soliciting a minor—and insisted he was innocent. As a foreign national currently in the country on a valid permanent resident visa, any conviction or even a plea to a felony that includes any sentence exceeding a year would have caused his deportation. We were able to get his charges dismissed.
Lee Berlin
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