Prosecutorial Discretion

The prosecutor's role is to serve as a gatekeeper of the legal system. If they believe the recantation weakens their ability to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, they might choose to dismiss the charges.

Some prosecutors are more aggressive in taking cases to trial, while others will have a more conservative approach. Prosecutors with political ambitions are especially likely to continue a case since taking a tough stance on sex crimes is often a strategy to gain voter support.

Strength of Other Evidence

Prosecutors may continue with the case if they possess other compelling evidence, such as physical evidence or corroborating testimonies, to substantiate the charges. If the prosecution believes they have a strong case backed by substantial evidence that can establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, they won’t hesitate to take the case to trial.

Even though a case will proceed if there is other evidence, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out of luck. Evidence that is highly prejudicial, improperly obtained, protected by privilege, or lacks credibility can be challenged.

Why You Need an Experienced Tulsa Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Even if you know you’re innocent and the alleged victim has recanted their original statement, the stakes of a sex crimes conviction are too great to leave your defense to chance. Hiring a lawyer experienced in defending clients accused of sex crimes is crucial due to the unique nature of these cases.

In-Depth Knowledge of Precedents and Case Law

At Berlin Defense, our focus is on helping men and women accused of sex crimes build a strong defense and work toward the best possible outcome for the case. Unlike a general criminal defense firm, we have an in-depth knowledge of the precedents and case law specific to sex crimes. This knowledge helps craft persuasive arguments, leveraging precedents that could benefit your defense while ensuring your constitutional rights are protected throughout the process.

Understanding of Evidence

We know how to approach and cross-examine witnesses while respecting their rights and the sensitivity of the subject matter. If there is forensic evidence, such as DNA analysis, medical reports, or digital evidence, we know how to interpret results and when this evidence can be effectively challenged. We’ll also gather mitigating evidence that can be used to your benefit, as seen in our work with W.J.—charged with forcible sodomy, second-degree rape, soliciting a lewd act, lewd molestation, and several more sex-related crimes. Originally looking at close to 100 years in prison, we secured a recommendation of straight probation with no additional charges being added.

Defending Without Judgment

Sex crime convictions can lead to lengthy prison sentences, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and lasting repercussions. Accusations can also have severe consequences beyond legal penalties, such as social stigma and damage to your professional reputation. We approach these situations with empathy while maintaining objectivity, ensuring your rights are protected without exacerbating the emotional toll of the case. Refer to our client testimonials to learn more.

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