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If you're facing domestic assault and battery charges in Oklahoma, there's a good chance that completion of a Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) will play a key role in the resolution of your case. Whether you're starting the program early in the legal process in the hopes of securing a more favorable plea deal or are required to complete the program as part of the terms of a suspended sentence or probation agreement, here's what you should know about BIP.

In Oklahoma, BIP is a 52-week course designed to help batterers eliminate violence in the home, take responsibility for their actions, develop healthy strategies for communication, and cope with anger and other powerful emotions. BIP curriculum also covers:

  • How domestic violence affects victims
  • How to overcome issues with power and control
  • Harmful beliefs that promote domestic violence
  • Potential consequences of domestic abuse
  • Establishing goals to eliminate controlling, abusive, or violent behavior

Classes are held weekly, in groups, with each class lasting 90 minutes or longer. Maintaining good attendance matters: three consecutive unexcused absences or seven unexcused absence throughout the course may violate the conditions outlined in a defendant's probation agreement. Consequences may include having to start the course over—or being convicted of domestic assault and battery charges and sentenced to jail or prison time.

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