Being charged with a sex crime has potential consequences that are both severe and life-altering. At Berlin Defense, we provide unwavering support and strategic defense for individuals accused of sex crimes such as indecent exposure and forcible sodomy. Led by seasoned attorney Lee Berlin, our firm is dedicated to safeguarding your rights, reputation, and future.

Convictions related to indecent exposure and forcible sodomy can lead to a wide range of profound consequences that extend beyond the courtroom. The legal penalties for sex crimes can vary widely, ranging from fines to lengthy prison sentences. Crimes against nature, peeping tom and forcible sodomy convictions often result in severe legal ramifications. 

Depending on the nature of the offense, individuals may be required to register as sex offenders. This registration can impose significant limitations on where you can live and work, impacting your overall quality of life. Not to mention the fact that sex crime allegations can tarnish your personal and professional reputation, and affect your overall quality of life.Tulsa Indecent Exposure Criminal Defense Lawyer Lee Berlin

Berlin Defense dedicates its practice exclusively to defending those charged with sex crimes, including those accused of:

  • Indecent Exposure/Indecent Exhibitions
  • Forcible Sodomy
  • Peeping Tom
  • Assault With Intent To Commit A Felony
  • Sodomy

Choose The Best Sex Crime Defense Attorney:

Opting for a defense attorney with an exclusive focus on sex crimes, such as Lee Berlin, can be instrumental in securing a favorable outcome. Each sex crime case is unique. Lee Berlin's experience allows him to craft tailored defense strategies that address the specific details of your situation. With an experienced attorney like Lee Berlin on your side, you have a better chance of minimizing the severity of consequences or even securing a dismissal of charges.

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If you're facing allegations of indecent exposure, peeping tom or forcible sodomy, Berlin Defense is here to provide the expertise and strategic defense you need. Your initial consultation is confidential and free of judgment. 

Get in touch with us via phone or our website's contact form to schedule a meeting with attorney Lee Berlin. Through skillful defense, we aim to protect your rights and future, ensuring the best possible outcome for your case. Berlin Defense is your dedicated partner in these challenging times.

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