I consulted several attorneys and had one that didn't do a good job representing me.  I saw my family and myself hopeless until by God's job Lee got to our lives to help us go through the process.  I can describe Lee Berlin as a passionate professional that knows what he is doing and he is best at what he does.  Don't matter if you are innocent or guilty when you see yourself facing the law you need the best attorney immediately.  Choosing the wrong attorney can ruin your life forever its that simple.  I would recommend Lee eyes closed.  He was always open to me and my family and like he was family himself.  He was tough and prevented me from falling apart and helped me to keep going.  I appreciate all his professional skills but I also greatly appreciate him as a person and all the good things he did for me.  I am very happy with the outcome and it is finally time to put this all behind me.  To all the people out there if you were accused of a sex crime don't hesitate on hiring Lee Berlin to represent you and I say this by experience "you wont find a better lawyer."  I will be forever grateful to this great man.  Thank you Lee. Cesar Romero former client