I've never been in the system nor have I ever been in any amount of trouble dealing with the law in my life. This past year I got involved in a very violent relationship and the abuser ran and cried wolf and made me out to be this domestically violent human being. Never in my life have I ever been violent enough to bring harm or take anyone's life. Lee Berlin he saw that in me and he saw the monster in my life the cloud that was enabling me from living. He worked with me fully he made sure I knew every aspect of my case. If I didn't know the answer he had it for me every time. If I didn't understand the case he would break it down and make it to where I could understand where my life could end up. He put his all into my case made me feel like the only possible outcome was a victory. That's exactly what happen. Even when the door closed and I felt like it was over. He found the keys to those doors and made them easier to open. He works hard for his clients it's worth every penny. I wouldn't call on no other person if I ever find myself in a bad predicament again. He took my case as serious as any big trail. He is serious the real deal. Makes you feel confident as he is when he enters the court room. He rubs off very well when I felt like all was lost I looked to my lawyer and he had the strongest look on his face and it wasn't a look of defeat. So if anyone out there is looking to not only win but gain your life back. I wouldn't recommend any other lawyer other than lee Berlin....Thanks for giving me my life back.Johnnie Former Client