5 Stars online doesn't do the man justice. Leveled with me in a relative way, and although I thought I was absolutely screwed, Lee gave me insight that I wouldn't have traded for any amount of money. Really helped me stay calm and look at things from a more skeptical perspective. Lee knows the ins and outs for anyone who needs someone of his field, but you won't find better caliber. He cares, and he's super easy to communicate with, and he is %100 on your side, absolutely guaranteed. I had no doubt that he was on my side when I had a consultation with him. He did more than just provide me with some info and clarity, he gave me someone to rely on in an uncontrollable situation. Can't find that very often anymore. If I ever need anyone for a similar situation, I don't care where I'm at, or what the cost is, a happy fulfilled life will always beat being locked away. I know I can count of Lee to keep me out of trouble if I'm down.Kyler Hall Former Client