Why is the client mindset so important? I stress mindset from the very beginning. When I first went to basic training in 1990, Fort McClellan, Alabama. You go through reception, and while you are at reception, there is a mirror there. You got your new BDUs (battle dress uniform), and you are getting dressed for that very first time. And on that mirror, it says, “Look like a soldier, act like a soldier, talk like a soldier, walk like a soldier; be a soldier.” It was the first time I started to understand and appreciate the idea of mindset and self-fulfilling prophecy.

Most of my clients come to me and they are scared. They are beaten down, and maybe they did it. Maybe they did exactly what they are accused of, and they think their life is over. I tell them to snap out of it, and we must change your mindset and create a completely different self-fulfilling prophecy. I want you to act innocent, walk innocent, talk innocent, and be innocent. When you are out in public, don’t think people are staring at you, looking at you, gawking at you because you think they saw something in the paper. Walk upright, look them in the eyes, and be proud of who you are. You are the victim of a false accusation. You are going to have your day in court. You are going to right this wrong. Why would you walk around looking and acting guilty? Let’s start with the mindset and the rest tends to follow.     

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