Lee Berlin, Oklahoma's only private attorney that dedicates his entire practice to those individuals charged with Sex crimes and Domestic Violence, explains the ridiculous terms Emercency Protective Orders are being granted on in Tulsa County during COVID-19 shelter in place.

A big concern. Have you been following these protective orders here in Tulsa County for the last couple of weeks? And this is a big order, guys. There've been 99 protective orders that have been sought in the last two weeks here in Tulsa County. Well, they got me the numbers. Only two of those requests have been denied. This is scary... This is a rubber stamp that's going on down there at the courthouse.

Guys and gals are going out there seeking protective orders for just ridiculous crap, and they're being granted by the courts, en masse. And I'm really scared, guys. I just got one of these protective orders that we took a look at here, and let me tell you what they got the protective order for. I kid you not, for sending a whole bunch of text messages and phone calls between a husband and wife, about 25 of them. And it says right here in the protective order, no threats have been made today, but he's used some derogatory words towards her in a text message. Guys, that's how protective orders are being issued, on ridiculous crap like that. There's nothing we can do about it. I'm just here to warn you that everyone now has lost their minds. Stay safe. 

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