You’ll see it on my website; you’ll see it in my videos, and you’ll see it on every piece of written materials that I have. The number one thing that you should do when police show for an investigation, or to arrest you, or to interrogate you, is to shut the hell up. Don’t talk. Don’t answer their questions. Don’t allow them to interrogate you. When you find out that you are under investigation for the allegations made, the number one thing you can do to help save yourself is not talking to anyone. Don’t talk to your spouse. Don’t talk to your friends. Don’t talk to your parents. Don’t talk to your buddies. Don’t talk to your priest, minister, parishioners, your boss or anyone. Do not talk to anyone until you come in and talk to me first. You are creating witnesses. You are creating evidence. You are creating problems for yourself that you couldn’t even fathom. And some of those bells can’t be unrung.

What are some of the mistakes that clients of mine have made?

It goes back to, are the police your friends? “I’m innocent. I didn’t do anything wrong. Of course, I’m going to go talk to the police. It would make absolute sense that I would. I would look guilty if I didn’t.” Well, what they don’t know is that police are taught this Reid interrogation technique. And I encourage all of my prospective clients to look at it, and it is psychological manipulation. That’s what the entire technique is, and it starts before they even start asking you questions—the type of room they interview you in, the type of chairs, the paint color, and the sound-proof nature of it. The very first words that come out of the detective’s mouth is that he knows you are guilty and can prove your guilt. The police are not there to find out if you are innocent. They are there to build a case against you. So the mistake I see most often is that perfectly innocent client believing the police are their friends, and if you just tell them the truth that this all will go away. 

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