When dealing with such a sensitive subject matter, there is no black and white. We understand the nature of the crimes that we handle, and because of that understanding we know that all our clients have a story. Every day we are deep into what most would say are the worst crimes to commit or to be charged with. Sure, we have all watched a little Law and Order SVU or binged a few crime Junkie Episodes. Our clients are very real, with real stories & real trauma. Here at Berlin Law Firm, we pride ourselves on the level of professionalism and empathy we can provide our clients. We see you; we hear you, and we care about you. We are here to tell your story. Most of our clients are first time offenders and with that comes an enormous amount of anxiety during your search for the right attorney. Lee Berlin has spent numerous years building a practice dedicated to those individuals charged with Sex crimes and Domestic Violence. We provide a judgment-free zone. We do not care about what you are charged with, your sexuality, or your past. You can sleep well at night knowing, should you decide to hire us, this is ALL we do.

Lee Berlin
Dedicated to defending clients accused of domestic violence, sex & violent crimes throughout eastern Oklahoma.
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