Fighting The Guilt Machine

No other area of the law is scarier for the client nor more difficult to defend for the lawyer than sex crimes and crimes against children.

Nowhere in criminal law are the adverse impacts on your life more severe:  the periods of incarceration (range of punishment), sex crime registration laws, probation, and the special rules and conditions for sex offenders.  No other area of criminal law exposes you to greater prison sentences nor has as debilitating requirements during probation as sex crimes.  Each can cripple the accused for life.

Along with the dangers, there are the challenges in defending these cases.  And nowhere in criminal law are the odds more against you on day one, and hour one of your defense than in sex crimes law.

The starting point in your defense is knowledge.  Get your FREE copy of Fighting The Guilt Machine, and start your defense today.

Lee Berlin
Dedicated to defending clients accused of domestic violence, sex & violent crimes throughout eastern Oklahoma