Mental health issues

Someone who is struggling with their mental health may not have an accurate perception of reality—which can lead to false accusations. They may also be seeking attention or sympathy from others.


Sex crimes are highly stigmatized—and some people might take advantage of this fact during breakups, custody battles, or personal disputes. For example, false accusations of rape after a breakup can leave you fighting for your freedom.


False allegations can sometimes be the result of pressure or manipulation from a third party. For example, a wife might pressure her children into making false allegations against their father to gain leverage during a messy divorce.

Financial gain

When the alleged perpetrator has a high income or significant assets, false accusations could be made in hopes of negotiating a financial statement. 


In high-stress or traumatic situations, memory can be unreliable. This can lead to a genuine victim of a sex crime mistakenly identifying the wrong person as the perpetrator.

When you’ve been falsely accused, it’s natural to want to lash out in anger. Instead, take a deep breath. Taking the time to understand potential motives for false allegations can help you determine how to best defend against the charges.

Challenging False Allegations of a Sex Crime in Oklahoma

Berlin Defense takes a proactive approach to defending against false sex crime accusations. We believe in conducting a thorough investigation to gather evidence that dismantles the accuser's claims and exposes inconsistencies. This may involve:

Alibi witnesses

Establishing your whereabouts at the time of the alleged incident can be critical in disproving the accusation.

Medical records

Obtaining medical records or toxicology reports can refute claims of physical assault or drug-facilitated rape.

Past communication

Analyzing text messages, emails, or social media interactions can offer valuable insights into the relationship and timeline of events.

Expert evaluations

Consulting with mental health professionals or forensic experts can provide crucial context and challenge false memories or accusations stemming from emotional distress.

If you'd like to learn more about how we defend clients accused of sex crimes in Oklahoma, please request a copy of our free guide, Fighting the Guilt Machine. This resource outlines how sex crimes are prosecuted and explains how to avoid common mistakes that can put your defense in jeopardy.

Don’t Give Up Hope

When your future is at stake, the last thing you want to do is take the risk of representing yourself or hiring a general criminal defense attorney instead of a lawyer who focuses on sex crimes. Experienced Tulsa sex crimes defense lawyer Lee Berlin understands what’s at stake when you’re being charged with a sex crime and will fight to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Here are some of the results he’s been able to achieve for clients just like you:

  • J.B. was falsely accused of first-degree rape and having forced himself on his wife’s best friend while his wife was out of town. He was a happily married man with children, his wife did not believe the allegations, and we helped him avoid spending a single day behind bars.
  • J.U. was charged with first-degree rape and accused of having forced himself on an acquaintance while she was sleeping. He was a young man with a good job and a supportive family. Thanks to Lee’s persistence and legal skill, the jury came back with a “not guilty” verdict after a five-day trial.
  • Kyle was accused of sexually abusing his 10-year-old daughter and came to us after first visiting a general criminal defense attorney. After Kyle was found not guilty at trial, the jury was so committed to his innocence that multiple jurors knelt with him on the grass outside of the courthouse, hand in hand, and prayed for him and his family. 
Lee Berlin
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