You May Need Help Dealing With Unwanted Media Attention 

Sex crimes tend to attract media attention, and public perception can be heavily influenced by news coverage. You need a defense attorney who knows how to navigate public opinion and work strategically to manage the narrative surrounding the case.

Sex Crimes Cases Require an Understanding of Forensic Evidence

Sex crime cases often involve forensic evidence, such as DNA analysis. A lawyer who regularly handles Tulsa sex crimes is more likely to have experience dealing with this type of evidence and can effectively challenge its admissibility or interpretation in court.

Establishing Consent Can Be Crucial

Many sex crimes cases hinge on the issue of consent, which can be difficult to establish or dispute. Your lawyer needs to understand the intricacies of consent laws and be skilled in presenting or challenging evidence related to this critical aspect of the case. This is particularly important in cases involving young male defendants accused of date rape after a night of heavy drinking.

You Need an Experienced Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer Who Can Help You Understand the Terms of Your Deal

If you are offered a plea bargain, mandatory sex offender registration and participation in treatment programs may be a part of the package. General criminal defense attorneys often don’t understand the impact this can have on your day-to-day life, but we can answer any questions you might have and provide guidance on the potential long-term implications of accepting a deal. 

There’s Too Much at Stake to Take Chances With Inexperienced Representation

If you’re facing felony sex crimes charges, your freedom and your future are at stake. A conviction could ruin your public reputation, cause irreparable damage to your relationships with your loved one, and make it nearly impossible to continue working in the job you love. Hiring an attorney who has a demonstrated track record of successfully resolving sex crimes cases gives you the best possible chance of protecting the life you’ve worked so hard to build. Check out our case results and client testimonials to learn more about why Berlin Defense is the right choice to help you move forward.

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