The Oklahoma Statutes, section 843.5 specify that child abuse occurs when an individual knowingly and viciously harms or hurts a child, where “child” is defined as a person that is younger than 18.

Oklahoma law specifies that knowingly aiding in the abuse of a child; intentionally neglecting a child; acknowledging and aiding in the neglect of a child; sexually abusing a child; acknowledging and aiding in the sexual abuse of a child; exploiting a child sexually; or acknowledging and aiding in the exploiting of a child sexually all are considered abuse.

Sentences for Child Abuse Can Be Severe

Receiving a child abuse charge is serious. The punishment for child abuse can be severe—it is contingent upon the case involved. Penalties include lengthy terms of imprisonment and many other possible punishments.

According to Oklahoma laws, a party who abuses a child is convicted of a felony. The punishments for such a crime are serious. The penalties for child abuse can include incarceration for life; confinement in a county jail for a maximum of a year; and a financial penalty of $500 to $5,000. If the victim of the abuse is younger than 12, the penalty ranges from a minimum 25 years’ incarceration by the Department of Corrections to life in prison, and a fine that is between $500 to $5000.

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