According to Oklahoma law, when an individual who is older than 18 participates in sexual intercourse with an individual younger than 14, it is considered sex with a minor. Regardless if the act was agreed upon by both individuals, it is still considered sex with a minor—which is a form of rape. If the parties are married it doesn't apply.

Sex with a minor, or statutory rape, can be considered first or second-degree rape—and the penalties will range in gravity based on what degree the crime is and the specifics of the crime that was alleged. This is a felony charge, whether the crime is first-degree or second-degree rape.

Penalties for Statutory Rape

Under Section 1114 of the Oklahoma Statutes, if an individual older than 18 has sexual intercourse with an individual who is younger than 14, the act is the crime of first-degree rape. The felony penalties for first-degree rape range from incarceration for five years to life, life incarceration that has no chance of release in prison, or execution. The specifics of the rape that was committed will determine the length of any prison term.

What Is the Sentence for Multiple Infractions of Rape?

According to Section 1115 of the Oklahoma Statutes, an individual who is facing two or more years in incarceration must be overseen and monitored for a time after he is being released from prison. This does not apply to individuals who are serving a penalty of life incarceration as well as life incarceration that has no possibility of release. If an individual is found guilty of two offenses of first-degree rape, he won't qualify for probation.

An individual who is found guilty of three infractions of first-degree rape; guilty of an infraction of forcible sodomy; an infraction of inappropriate obscene and vulgar suggestions and actions to a minor younger than 16; an infraction of child abuse that is sexual; or one who has tried to carry out such crimes will be given the penalty of life incarceration or life incarceration with no chance of release.

An Experienced Tulsa Sex Crime Attorney Is Essential When You Are Charged With Statutory Rape

If you are involved in allegations of sex with a minor, you need to consult a lawyer as soon as you can. In order to receive a better chance in court, you should consider having an attorney to defend you.

Charges of sex with a minor and statutory rape often threaten a defendant with severe punishments. For you to receive a verdict that is fitting for you, call me. My firm is well-equipped in sex crimes law, so you can trust that I will work for the best available outcome for your situation.

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