The first meeting will typically take about an hour and could take longer depending upon the issues.  Please plan accordingly and budget at least one hour.  Please let me know at the beginning of the meeting if your time is limited to one hour.  No cell phones or recording devices are permitted in the conference room.  Please leave your phones in the car.  I do not have child care facilities on site and having a child in the room, regardless of the age, is an unnecessary distraction and quite frankly this is not going to be the appropriate subject matter for a child.  As such, please make the necessary arraignments ahead of time if child care is an issue.


    Please bring any of the relevant items listed on the Client Checklist for First Attorney Meeting.  I will briefly review those documents first just to make certain the Client Intake Packet has been fully completed and to get a brief idea of what else you have by way of evidence or important documents.  Then I will ask you to tell me about your problem, legal issue, or case.  I want for you to tell me the story as you know it and to be as detailed as possible.  Once you have told me the “Why You Are Here” story, I would then like you to ask me those “nagging” questions that you just need to get off your chest.  I find it beneficial to get those out of the way first, that way you are not constantly thinking about them and trying to find a way to work those questions in to our discussion or while I am laying out the strategy or issues.


    Once I have answered those pressing questions to your satisfaction, I will follow up with questions that I may have related to the facts of your case.  When we have finished discussing those facts I will answer any other pressing questions that have come up.


    Once we have a good handle on the facts, I will give you an outline of some of the issues and problems (if any) with the case, and discuss the law and the process for defending you.  Please understand, I will not be able to tell you exactly how I will defend you (theme, theory, strategy, etc) until I have reviewed the police reports in their entirety and discussed the reports with you.  Only then will I have a picture complete enough to start developing a comprehensive defense.


    Upon completing the review and our discussion, I will verify the contents of the Intake Packet, email, phone number, etc., and then we will review the fee agreement, sign the fee agreement, and the retainer will be paid.  The retainer may be paid by cash, money order, cashier’s check, or by credit card.  No personal checks will be accepted.


    You will be provided a copy of the fee agreement, a receipt for funds paid, business cards with your court dates on the back, and possibly a return date.


    Of course any number of issues can change up this process and order.  This is only a general outline of how a typical initial client meeting may proceed.


    Come prepared to participate, to ask questions, to listen, to be honest, to get some great advice, and to leave feeling completely satisfied that all of your questions were answered by a competent professional that wants to exceed your expectations.  


    I look forward to meeting you and starting on your defense as soon as possible.

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