So you got the call — you found out (e.g., text message, someone confronted you) — you’ve just been accused of a sex crime or a crime against a child. Doesn’t matter how you found out, you’ve just found out and it’s hit you. Well, you’ve got 800 pounds of bricks on you right now. You don’t know what to do, you’re scared, and your entire life as you know it is gone. You want to know what you have to do right now. I get these calls every day; they are panicked, you can hear it in their voice. I’ve called guys back at 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. because I know they cannot go to sleep. They are scared, their chest is pounding — about out of their chest — you can practically hear it through the phone.

What do I need to do?

I tell them, don’t talk to anybody — rule number one. Don’t talk to the police if they come — rule number two. Don’t talk to DHS. Don’t talk to your wife, your family, or your friends. Get off of social media. Stop with the social media. Don’t do it; don’t destroy evidence. The number of times someone has said, “Man, if I had still had those text messages, or if I’d still had those emails but I thought they made me look bad.” Don’t destroy evidence. Don’t flee; don’t hide. Occupy the mindset that we’ve discussed earlier, then pick up the phone and call me like you are doing right now.

You are going to need to get your finances in order because you don’t know who is coming after you. Is your wife going to freeze you out? Is she going to go and file divorce proceedings and all of a sudden you will not have access to money? Are you going to get arrested and be hooked up and not have access to money? Do you not know where all your money is? I tell folks, you need to do some due diligence. You need to go do a financial inventory — that’s just not the dollars you have in your checking account. People don’t get to a station in life without having acquired something. It’s not just because I want money. I tell every single one of my clients the very first dollars you will spend are on securing your own freedom and posting the bond. What other lawyer says that? You need to be out of custody to fight these charges. You need to be able to aid and assist me. You need to be able to go to work. You need to be able to support and take care of your family. You need to be able to do all of those things that we talked about with that mindset. You cannot do it from in custody. So that bond might be big, but you need to get your money together. If we can get you bonded out, we can work through the rest of the stuff.

Don’t talk to anybody. Get off of social media. Get your finances in order. Don’t destroy evidence. Call me. 

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