Oklahoma Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charges Can Potentially Escalate Into a Felony

A second charge for domestic violence can significantly alter the legal landscape. 
If you get this charge for the second time within ten years of the first one, it automatically becomes a felony. The punishment range increases considerably, up to four years in prison under the Department of Corrections, not local jail. 

Escalating to a felony can have life-altering effects, making it crucial to take misdemeanor domestic violence charges seriously and seek appropriate legal counsel.

Ease of Violating Rules and Conditions

It's crucial to understand that it's very easy to inadvertently violate the rules, conditions, and bonds associated with misdemeanor domestic violence cases. The court requires defendants in domestic abuse cases to undergo counseling or treatment from licensed professionals or approved programs. If ordered, they must attend for at least 52 weeks, complete the program, and be evaluated by counselors before and after. Missing three consecutive sessions or seven within a year without a valid reason is considered breaking probation rules, allowing the district attorney to ask the court for quicker punishment or probation revocation. This can lead to being taken into custody, jeopardizing your freedom. Additionally, the ease with which one can accrue another charge while the initial case is pending underscores the importance of skilled legal representation.

The Need for Specialized Legal Expertise

Not every lawyer possesses the skill set required to effectively manage and defend domestic violence cases. The intricacies of these cases demand a nuanced approach and a deep understanding of the legal landscape. At Berlin Defense, we know that these cases won't be easily dismissed, and we are dedicated to crafting comprehensive defense strategies.

Different Treatments Based on Gender

It's important to recognize that there can be disparities in how individuals are treated in domestic assault and battery cases. Prosecutors might approach cases like these in favor of the woman, even if she was violent during the relationship with the aggressor.  Women will be presumed as the victims right from the beginning, underscoring the complexity of each individual case. This gender-based bias highlights the need for skilled legal representation to ensure a fair and comprehensive assessment of the situation.

Potential for Crucial Evidence

Today's technology provides different ways to gather evidence. Important proof, like recordings from police body cameras or even footage from Google cameras, might exist and be used against the defendant. Even if the alleged victim changes their mind and doesn't want to present any evidence, these records can be used by the DA’s office.

If you find yourself facing any of the following charges, it's crucial to comprehend the potential consequences:

Domestic Assault and Battery (1st Offense)

A conviction can result in jail time, fines, mandatory counseling, and probation. Additionally, you might be subjected to a protective order or no contact order that restricts your contact with the alleged victim.

Domestic Assault and Battery in the Presence of a Minor

Charges are amplified when minors are involved, leading to steeper penalties and longer-lasting consequences.

Domestic Assault and Battery on a Pregnant Woman

The state of Oklahoma considers violence against pregnant women especially heinous. Convictions can lead to heightened penalties, reflecting the potential harm to both the woman and her unborn child.

Threatening a Violent Act

Even threats of violence can result in misdemeanor charges. These allegations can have serious ramifications on your life and reputation.

Interfering with an Emergency Call: Preventing someone from seeking help during a domestic dispute can lead to additional charges that compound the severity of your situation.

Lee Berlin: Your Advocate Against Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charges

Navigating the legal landscape of misdemeanor domestic violence charges demands the experience of a dedicated professional. Lee Berlin, a distinguished criminal defense attorney, has made it his mission to advocate for individuals facing these specific charges. With an exceptional track record and an in-depth understanding of the nuances of domestic violence cases, Lee Berlin is the attorney you want by your side.

Why Choose Berlin Defense Following an Oklahoma Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge?

Specialized Defense

Lee Berlin's unwavering focus on domestic violence cases has honed his skills to a level that few can match. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge of Oklahoma's legal system, enabling him to craft the most effective defense strategies.

Compassionate Approach

We understand that domestic violence cases are complex and emotionally charged. Berlin Defense is committed to providing a supportive environment where your voice is heard, ensuring that your side of the story is presented accurately.

Proven Results

Lee Berlin's dedication to securing favorable outcomes for his clients is evident through his track record of successful case resolutions. His strategic approach and attention to detail set him apart.

Personalized Attention

Each case is unique, and Berlin Defense tailors its strategies to suit your individual circumstances. You can trust us to be your advocates, working tirelessly to protect your rights and future.

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