My son got caught having sex with his now ex-girlfriend (also a teen) who was unfortunately also a minor.  He was arrested and going to be charged with a crime that threatened to send him to prison for more than 20 years and he would have to register as a sex offender for life.  It would have ruined his life before it could really even begin.  Mr. Berlin treated us with kindness and respect.  He reassured us of his dedication to help and went to work tirelessly.  In the end it was nothing less than a miracle from God.  His charges were reduced to a misdemeanor.  Plus her parents can never try to come after him about this again.  When this began I felt like my son's life was being taken away and I had lost him.  Now I feel as if his life is saved and I have my son back.  Thank you Mr. Berlin, I can never express enough how grateful I am for everything you did to save my son.Wanda