It is my opinion that the law of diminishing returns does not apply to high quality legal services. High end, high quality, unique legal services are not commodities. Only at the lowest end of the practice does commoditization exist. Only there is the quality so poor and similar and the end results and work product so comparable that price does play a part in the decision making for the client.

I work to be as transparent about fees as absolutely possible in every case. Each case is different and unique, and as such, I prepare a Fee Worksheet on every case and I am willing to share it with the client if they ask. I work to keep the client’s fees fair, reasonable, and appropriate to the task and challenge in front of us, and analyze each phase to provide the greatest value for the client’s investment.

I will discuss and review all costs with the client in advance. I will provide the client with a professional opinion on what costs you should spend your money on and what is a poor choice for your hard earned dollars. I realize the client is making an investment in their life, freedom, family, and future. The client needs that investment to have value from day 1. From personal experience I know how unsettling it can be to make a large purchase, only to see it drop substantially in value immediately after the deal closes.

I would suggest that if you are looking for the cheapest lawyer for your case, you should read some of the other free Reports and Guides available on my website. If after reading those reports you feel the same way, I can tell you without reservation that I will NOT be the right attorney for you and you will not be the ideal client for me. I believe that maintaining the cheapest lawyer opinion after having reviewed all of the available information comes from a philosophy, mindset, or a way of viewing the world that is inconsistent with a proper defense-minded orientation for a client.

2. Can I prevent the police from arresting me at home in front of my kids or at work in front of my peer?

Short answer: Yes, it is very possible, even probable to accomplish this goal.

In most cases where charges have not been filed, there are a few tricks of the trade we can employ to best defend against that adverse event from happening to you. Commitment, diligence, and prior planning serve as the foundation for properly defending against this possibility. However, after years of doing this very kind of work, I have developed systems that can be put in place and are necessary for my clients to be put in a position to best avoid this from happening to them. Once you are shown what to do, where to go, where to look, who to contact, and how to do it, the process will seem very simple. It isn’t foolproof, but as close to it as possible given the limitation placed upon us.

3. Can I keep my name out of the paper and my mugshot off of TV and the internet?

Short answer: Maybe, but probably not.

There a few factors at play in the answer. First, is it a slow news day? Honestly, if it is a busy news day with bigger cases and busts, your case very well may be overlooked. It can be as simple as that. This very situation unfolded recently with the last few clients I had. A case that involved three counts of child sexual abuse, another case involving possession of child pornography, and another case with a charge of soliciting a lewd act, none of these cases made the news given the volume of other major news stories playing out. Compare this to several years ago when nothing was going on in the news and a plain and basic case involving indecent exposure made all of the news outlets like it was the crime of the century.

Second, is the case a State case or a Federal case. There are more filings in State court than in Federal court, so it is easier for a state case to get lost in the volume. Federal cases stick out, and are more likely to draw the attention of the media. There are few benefits ever to a Federal indictment, however, one of the benefits is of the unavailability of the booking photo as opposed to State court cases. State cases result in a booking photo available online, and the various mugshot tabloids like JustBusted.

Third, if you are in a high profile case or designated as one of Tulsa’s Top 10 Most Wanted there is an almost certainty that your case is newsworthy and you will make the internet, newspapers, and local news channels. Not only do we need to worry about this type of publicity, but we need to also concern ourselves with the possibility of law enforcement calling the local news outlets about the arrest so they can make you do the “perp walk.” Some of the same steps we take in number 2 above help to mitigate the chances of this happening and can completely eliminate the “perp walk” exposure.

You have a bunch of questions. Don’t worry, I have answers. Each case is so unique and fact-intensive that you must schedule that initial client meeting to sit down and discuss the discrete details of the events and allegations in question. At the conclusion of that meeting we discuss the strategies and efforts necessary to exonerate you from these terrible accusations. 

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