Lee Berlin, Oklahoma's only private Attorney the dedicates his entire practice to those individuals charged with Sex crimes and Domestic Violence, explains how important it is to clear your cache on your phone and computer. 

Once again guys, this is not necessarily about keeping you out of prison and keeping you out of jail, but just this user beware concept. If you want to guarantee that you get a divorce coming out of this COVID-19 thing, guys, gals, perfect way to do it. Do not clear your cache on your computers or on your phones, and you're virtually guaranteed that you're going to get a divorce when this thing is over with. You need to start being smart. You can't be lazy. You can't just leave your iPad or your phone or your computer lying around having not cleared your cache. 

We’re going to be honest here, folks, your wife and you are doing things on the internet that really you can't explain to them if they were there looking over your shoulder, and it's going to happen and it's going to keep happening.

I'm not telling you not to do it. What I'm telling you to do, though, is to clear your cache. Don't have that conversation with your loved one later that you can't explain in good conscience why you did what you did. Just don't have a damn conversation. Your spouse is going to know that you're doing things and now looking at stuff you otherwise wouldn't have. You just got to have that conversation too, but if you're not, you got to make sure that you got to clear that cache. Because nothing's going to explain some of those images, some of those videos, and some of the things that you've said to other people while you've been on the computer during this. Stay safe out there. Please be smart, clear your cache, save your marriage, and stay the hell out of jail.

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